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When companies need to learn about known or suspected:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Accounting irregularities
  • Fraud and theft
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Ethics violations
  • Quality shortfalls
  • Customer care issues
  • And much more...

...they partner with MyDirectLine.org

Helping Leaders Build Great Companies

MyDirectLine.org exists because there are CEO's who embrace a culture of open communication, integrity and accountability in their organizations. They know the value of being able to address and resolve important workplace issues the right way, directly and without unnecessary third parties. These CEO's know that offering employees the option of a direct line of communication to their offices increases supervisor and manager focus and accountability, enhances their overall employee relations environment and protects organization resources.

We enable conscientious employees of our client employers to raise issues, concerns and complaints, whether they are affected personally or are acting as responsible corporate citizens. We know they will occasionally need the option of communicating directly with the CEO.

MyDirectLine.org’s dynamic process hits the sweet spot of the Audit Committee reporting capability requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, the Compliance and Ethics Program requirements of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the “best practices” recommendations of Employment Practices Liability underwriters. But MyDirectLine.org isn't just an employee helpline or whistle blower hotline or tipline. We are an effective risk management resource, providing easy-to-use, confidential employee-to-employer communication 24 hours a day.

MyDirectLine.org notifies a senior designated official (usually the principal Human Resources official) regularly when its dedicated portals have been carefully checked and contain no reports.

MyDirectLine.org promptly provides both that same senior designated official plus the company's President or Chief Executive Officer with a thorough, written summary of every report received.

MyDirectLine.org rigorously honors every employee/reporter's confidentiality election.

When our clients’ employees need to use MyDirectLine.org,
they use:

  • The internet – Our secure website allows employees to leave any length message & attach documents
  • E-mail – directly to a dedicated e-mail address at MyDirectLine.org
  • Toll-free telephone – directly to a dedicated and secure number available only to employees of your company